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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Carpenter ants can destroy your home

Carpenter ants can destroy your home

Carpenter ants

The best carpenter ants control technique is to prevent them entering into your home in first place. Carpenter ants are easy to exterminate as you need to take some preventive measures like:
  1.       Carpenter ants are attracted towards moisture like other insects and household pests. Patch all plumbing leaks, roof leaks and other moisture problems. In fact, this is one of the most effective pest control technique that works for all types of insects.
  2.       Keep soil as much away from wood sliding of your home as much possible by eliminating wood-to-ground contact.
  3.       Vegetation and branches touching the sliding or roof act as a bridge for the carpenter ants. Trim all such branches and vegetation.
  4.       Openings and cracks in the foundation of your house, especially where wires and utility pipes enter your house are safe passages for carpenter ants. The ants control technique you can employ here is to seal all such cracks and openings.
  5.       Another carpenter ant control technique is to store firewood outside you home. Garage and other areas inside the house invite carpenter ants to make their nests and create problems for you. Don’t forget to elevate the firewood stacks off the ground.
  6.       Cleanliness is very important. Keep your house as much cleanly as possible and pay special attention to the kitchen. Don’t leave any clutter that carpenter ants can use as shelter. If there is any, either remove it or use some ant exterminator.
If you find that your house is not safe from ants then you’ll feel need to get rid of ants at the earliest. Carpenter ants keep on growing and their colonies are called satellite colonies. Their growth is very rapid and once you see carpenter ants in your home, you must find an appropriate ant control or exterminators for ants at the earliest.
Carpenter ants can be kept off but still you need some pest control services as prevention only retards their invasion. Don’t take chance with pesticides on your own as all pesticides are highly toxic and their improper use can bring potential hazards to you, your pets or your family members. Hiring services of professional exterminator is the optimum choice because these professionals are well versed with the use of these chemicals.

The exterminator will inspect your house and locate the nests. The nests may be within your home beneath the floor, behind the door or a cabinet or inside a wall or outside the house under a wooden log. After detecting the parent nests, the exterminator will apply some pest control remedy for ants which is mostly in the form of an insecticide spray or fuming. Complete ants extermination may require two to three visits by the exterminator. Meanwhile, if you see any satellite colonies, you can drop boiling water to kill the larva and eggs in those colonies. This will also inhibit carpenter ants returning to those satellite colonies. 
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